New York 3-piece Da Pop released their latest dreamy single “Tug” ft hip-hop/R&B artist Jovian on March 4th. “Tug” seamlessly bridges the gap between indie pop and smooth R&B, and will leave you wanting more as they lay it down smooth with their hazy guitar chords and alluring vocals.

“‘Tug’ reflects the perspectives of the many stages of an emotional connection , more so from the perspective of the one who is longing. It highlights both the beautiful and challenging moments that come with giving someone your all.” They told Mundane

The multi-faceted, 24-year-old bandmates and producers Roberto Hidalgo, Robert Marcello and Jesse Serrano have honed in on a really captivating sound, and according to the trio, the collaborations with Jovian are nowhere near finished. The R&B Hip-Hop artist has the media drawing comparisons to Russ, and his most recent video for single “Where’d You Go” was featured on live TV on BET, Revolt and MTV. Put these two together and it’s pure magic – to my knowledge, there’s nobody out there creating a sound like them.

Robert walked us through the beginnings of the group and said that “somewhere, about a year into that, I inherited a drum kit and we started to make songs and create in my garage. 

After entering the music scene around NYC and picking up some traction with our two piece set up, we met Jesse who brought his incredible bass skills to the group, and from there on we’ve been working together for about four years.”

The group is paving the way into the NYC music scene and striking artistic collaborations left and right.

“We are lucky enough to have close friends who are visual artists that we collaborate with often. They go by Idle House. We also like to not take things too seriously and approach our videos in a comedic sense. Which we feel resonate with our audience.”

“Our style, like our music, comes from all different forms of art. Recently I (Roberto) have been into fashion and not only what an artist creates in regards to music but what they like to wear. I see fashion as just another source of expression and that influences how we like to look on stage and off. “

Their top e dream collabs would be “Drake, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift … lol kidding but not kidding. Our dream collabs would be Daft punk cause they would just teach us so much, the Weeknd cause his new album ‘After Hours’ was dope and the sounds would fit our vibe more, and lastly Brent Faiyaz.”

Keep an eye on Da Pop and listen to their latest single “Tug.”