This summer will see Hannah behind the decks across the UK, with guest appearances planned for TRICK at DC10 and some key European summer festivals. Launching her very own podcast and club night ‘Hannah’s Choice’ in 2019 she had a run of sellout events across Scotland. Her coveted edits and bootlegs sparked global acclaim, especially her take on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder On The Dancefloor,” all while making her mark with original releases on WUGD, Spinning and TRICK.

OUR MUNDANE OPINION: Some of the most sophisticated dance music out there!

1. What prompted you to write “Climax”? Take us back to that initial studio session.

The original sample is from a track called Miss Peppermint- “Welcome To Tomorrow”. I have always loved it growing up and have it on vinyl. I knew I needed to sample it straight from the record to keep the old retro feel but give it an updated techno twist!!

2. How many times a day do you record a voice memo on your phone as a potential new song?

I actually do this often. Usually while I’m at work, in between seeing patients. I get ideas a lot while zoning out at work. Also my notes are packed with random ideas. It’s best to get them out of your head at the time it pops in. 

3. Which artists are inspiring you right now?

Ben Hemsley, Sorley and Meg Ward

4. Do you have a dream collaboration?

Patrick Topping 

5. What’s your favorite record of all time?

Delirium – “Silence” 

6. What do you think your role as an artist is to your fans and society in general?

The general role is to make people feel good through the power of music. Connection is such a special thing. To be able to lose yourself on the dancefloor and feel safe with strangers all there for the same thing. 

7. What can fans expect from Hannah Laing next? Any upcoming live shows?

DC10 Ibiza, Hi Ibiza, Creamfields are some key shows. You can expect a huge release this summer which has been pending for over 2 years!