Photography Marie Vindelev

Her voice is soulful, the sound is vibrant yet dreamy while her lyrics has got the attitude of the streets. Mercedess is, in many ways, an exciting and complex DIY-pop artist. There’s a hidden fragility beneath the surface and in an extrovert world, Mercedess is not afraid to make music for those days you insist on wearing sunglasses indoors.

“Growing up, I’ve always been very sensitive and take everything in. I’m an introverted person in this fast moving, crazy world. But it’s cool. I enjoy my own company, the moments of silence and the creativity it buzzes and making music has created this atmosphere you can dream yourself into – a place, where you can escape reality,” Mercedess shares

Her brand new single, ‘Back to Business’, is about these exact feelings and tells the story of moving on from a sudden heartbreak. It’s a bittersweet banger for those who are stuck in the life of their ex and to get on with the real business: your own life!