Korean brand NEU_IN is one of the hottest labels in Asia at the moment. The name is a combination of the German word “neu” and the Korean word 인 (pronounced “in”). This means “new person,” and each collection is introduced through a fictional character. So far so good, right?

We spoke with NEU_IN founders about the way they approach their creations and they simply said that when they “first thought about the brand story, they wanted its aesthetics to introduce a variety of elements outside of just fashion.”

We wanted to provide not only clothes, but also emotional sharing and indirect experience“, they told Mundane.

So whenever they create a new collection they come up with “virtual characters and stories based on the main designer’s experience, life story and even objects that can represent it symbolically.

Their favorite communicative vehicle is video, they confess.

Their main designer studied textile design in Japan, attended fashion schools and worked for a variety of fashion brands in France,

Clothes are important – they continue –  but we want people to remember that we’re telling a story and that our clothes are a way to make the story come across.  We want our customers to enjoy the story, relate to it, and want to hold onto it.”

When asked about their future plans, they reveal that “when NEU_IN has its own show or boutique, we hope to showcase our clothes, videos, and designs as if the audience were watching a proper exhibition.

They picked John as their story teller for their latest collection, which features bold and eccentric designs. Just the way we like them here at Mundane.

So without further ado, we’ll let John take it from here!