Aiming to provide memorable moments for listeners and viewers alike, the 13-track album finds Printz pulling from moments of self-realization, captivating listeners with a collection of folk pop anthems. Kaleidoscope features the previously released confessional “How You Feel” which explores hope, forgiveness, and second chances. 

The inspiring acoustic-driven “Brave” speaks to chasing the confidence you seek within yourself and was released alongside a stunning video that captures the anthemic nature of the song as it opens with a snippet of poet and activist Amanda Gorman delivering her powerful Inauguration Poem, “The Hill We Climb.” Watch the music video here.

While Parker Lane speaks to his soul directly, for nearly two decades Printz Board has quietly impacted pop music and culture from behind the scenes, creating a string of recognizable and renowned hits. He is a two-time GRAMMY® Award winner and multiple BMI Award-winner most notably known as a co-writer and producer for Black Eyed Peas (“Where Is The Love?,” “Don’t Phunk With My Heart,” “My Humps,” “Meet Me Halfway”) in addition to his work with artists including Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Macy Gray, Mark Ronson, and most recently BTS on their #1 song “My Time.”

1. Tell us about your story about how Parker Lane came to be. When did you decide to step into the artist role?

Parker Lane was an accident that became my (Printz Board) whole heart. I did a cover of Mumford & Sons song “I Will Wait” as a tool to drive some traffic to my pop, hip hop, rock project (Printz Board & The Boardmemberz). I got such an overwhelming response to that, that I ended up doing 12 original songs in that style upon the recommendation of my peers and team. I have always been an artist, but found myself in the background for more of the successful projects that I have been a part of. Now, I’m back – standing tall and spreadin love.

2. What do you think is the most important aspect of your life right now?

Most important aspects of my life are my children. Creatively, the most important aspects are a close one between Parker Lane and writing tv shows. 

3. What makes the song “How You Feel” special in your opinion?

“How You Feel” is special because of many things… One, I had a chance to explore the lower regions of my voice. I love how it jumps up the octave and adds some explosiveness to the song. Also, I think it is special because of the subject matter – a mental health piece, if you will.

4. What inspired “How You Feel” to come about?

This song was inspired by the thought that people make mistakes, but that’s also what makes people people. You can get caught up, and that’s ok, especially when you realize the reason that it happened. In this story, the guy cheats on his girl, but that helps him to realize that she is “the one” for him, forever, actually. You may think that is bad, but it is actually good. The honesty with your partner, and yourself, is important – for growth. As well, I wanted to make the point that mental health is a real thing and one situation can affect so many people – the guy, the girlfriend, AND the mistress. All of them being valid in their struggles. 

5. You’ve just released your new album Kaleidoscope. How do the songs on this album compare to your previous releases? 

Kaleidoscope is me. I am a kaleidoscope. You look at me and think I am one thing, then realize that I am so much more than that original perception. Positive, uptempo, grimey, folk, soul, pop, etc…. The song “Kaleidoscope” was born out of me realizing that my mom is my kaleidoscope, and how much that has meant to the birth of my own Kaleidoscope.