After an eight-year tenure being a music teacher in Sacramento, California; singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Wiilde made the jump from his day job to pursue his dreams of being an artist and musician full time. Within the first few weeks of professional dream chasing, videos of him singing snippets of unreleased original music began to go viral on TikTok (all from the setting of his bathroom shower mind you), and Jon began to grow a budding and loyal fanbase from the app.

“Quit Your Job” is quite special musically, Wiilde pulls from a myriad of influences creating a psychedelic fusion alternative, pop, and hip-hop. The entertaining accompanying music video follows Wiilde at his monotonous day job as a store clerk while by his cannabis-fueled daydreams of stardom inspire him to consider a different life.

tell about this transition from music teacher to artist. What’s that about?

I was a music teacher for 8 years. Absolutely loved it. The last couple years I had set my schedule to teach lessons from Sunday-Wednesday. Wednesday night I’d pack up my car and drive the six hours down to LA to make music and be in sessions, drive back Saturday night, and make lessons Sunday morning. One of those trips I wrote Quit Your Job and realized it was time to make a jump. Everyone’s got a jumping off point and this was the universe telling me it was time.

Quit your job seems to be your anthem. Who do you sing this for? And what do you want people to take away from it?

I sing it for anyone who wants to hear it. But, if you feel like you’re meant to do a little more than what you’re doing, or maybe you’re ready for a change, or you just feel that you need to keep going, I believe in you my friend.

What’s it like to go viral on Tik Tok? Does it come with pressure or how does it make you feel?

It’s a fun time. And honestly when something pops off a little it feels like practice for the big leagues. Learning to not get too caught up in the hate or love or rush of notifications is like a scrimmage for when it’ll happen when a song really takes off; reaches a chart or something. All in due time and I’m here for the journey. No pressure, we just keep pushin’.

How was working with Guapdad 4000? 

Great! Love Guap. He a genuinely good dude and is always lookin’ to bring some joy to people.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve ever taught as a music teacher?

Music is a way to express oneself. The goal is for you to sound like you. And the wonderful thing is the moment you sing a note or strum a chord, you’ve reached your goal. Let’s just walk the path and grow with it.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve ever learned as a music teacher?

Children give no fucks. And I love them for it. Thanks for talkin’ with me, much love ♥ 🫡 -Jon Wiilde